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history of banking in NIgeria
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Read the background to this report - The Banking Industry in Nigeria

Also in this Report:

- Chronology of banking in Nigeria
- CBN governors till date
- List of failed banks in Nigeria (1994 - 1998)
- History and events in Nigerian banking by era
- Longest surviving banks in Nigeria
- The coming of Universal banking in Nigeria
- Todays banks and the Mergers that formed them


Brief: History Of Banking In Nigeria (1892 - 2010)

This research work is an expanded and revised version of the report ‘117 years of banking in Nigeria - the complete history’ which was executed to document the history of banking in Nigeria. This report is published as the sixth issue under its Research Intelligence brand.

In this work we lay out a review of the evolution of modern banking in Nigeria from 1892, when the first bank in the country was established, to 2010.

Depending on a vast array of sources including regulators, analysts, academia etc. ICR researchers have put together a reliable account of banking in the country.

The report is introduced with a chronology that offers a snapshot of major events and decisions that have shaped the coming of today's banking scene after which details of these events are organised and presented under various sub-titles.

From the setting up of the early players in the 19th and early 20th century to the influx of indigenous players and the coming of the Central Bank of Nigeria through to the liberalization of the 80s, we lay out easy to comprehend informative pieces. The failed banks era of the early 90s and the consolidation era of the 21st century are also included.

Other information contained in this work include; a list of all past governors of the Central Bank of Nigeria, List of liquidated banks in NIgeria and a list of the longest surviving banks in Nigeria etc.

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