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website assessment
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International Corporate Research

Background to the Report
The ICR web assessment report is a rating based assessment of the websites of publicly owned commercial banks operating in Nigeria. The assessment and ratings is  based on the Stakes Connected09® Model, a model developed specifically to assess the effectiveness of the websites of public companies in Africa.

Following the increased penetration of internet use across the world, the use of websites by organizations and corporations as their official means of representation to people with whom physical contact cannot be established is gaining good ground across board. The effectiveness of websites however, is being undermined as some fall short of standards in structure and content leaving negative effects on the public perception of the entity they represent.

Websites are becoming, or indeed, have become a veritable replacement for corporate offices as sources of information for prospective customers, investors, researchers and others seeking information about organizations. In the words of Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, “the internet is the market square of the 21st century global village”. The structure and content of a company's website should therefore not be looked upon or taken with levity as it has a direct influence on the perception visitors have on the company.

Being a quoted company implies that there has been a transition from been a private company to becoming a public company. A public status increases public interest in any organization as more attention starts to come from nine categories of people: researchers, the media, investors, prospective investors, regulators, job seekers, employees, customers and prospective customers. The connection a company's website can establish with all these category of people ultimately determines the effectiveness of the website.

The whole essence of a company (especially public companies) having a website of its own is to establish effective communication with the public. If the website is not effective or its effectiveness cannot be assured, the purpose of having the website is defeated.

Get this report Now!                  PDF Size (562KB)
Price:    N6,500     $45      £26
Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with this report attached.
Proceed to Order and see payment details

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