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history of banking in nigeria
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Background: The Banking Industry in Nigeria

The Nigerian banking industry which is regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, is made up of; deposit money banks referred to as commercial banks, development finance institutions and other financial institutions which include; micro-finance banks, finance companies, bureau de changes, discount houses and primary mortgage institutions.

Essentially the industry consists are 24 commercial banks, 5 discount houses, 5 development finance institutions, 50 class A bureau de change, 598 bureau de change, 98 Primary Mortgage Institutions, 84 finance companies and 914 Micro-finance institutions.

Before we arrived here however, there is a history which must be preserved for the sake of posterity. That is the cardinal reason for releasing this report - to preserve information. This report can arguably pass for the only remaining public knowledge of the history of banking in Nigeria.

The report traces the history of banking in Nigeria from 1892 to 2010 presenting 118 years of complete banking history. Right from the establishment of the foundation banks in Nigeria, the African Banking Corporation and the Bank of British West Africa to the first attempt at an indigenous bank in Nigeria in 1929 up until the establishment of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 1959. Moving also to the SAP and the  liberalization of the financial services sector in 1986 up till the 2005 consolidation and the most recent establishment of the Asset Management Company.  

The report is introduced with a 118 year chronology of banking in Nigeria followed by well laid pieces on developments in the industry over the period in review.

A list of all the Governors (past and present), a list of the banks that were liquidated by the NDIC between 1994 and 1998 plus a list of Nigeria’s  oldest banks is also contained in this report. Also inside is a list of today’s banks and the mergers that formed them.

Get this report Now!                  PDF Size (622KB)
Price:    N5,000     $35      £20
Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with this report attached.
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