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endangered kings of capitalism
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International Corporate Research

Background: Men Amongst Men

At a time while carrying out several studies on some of Africa's most revered corporations and in many cases the people behind them, we were exposed to the consciousness of working with the age of entrepreneurs.

The age of entrepreneurs however did not really matter much for many reports. But while watching a slide show of a collection of pictures of African entrepreneurs who had featured on the Forbes™ 400 list and the rich list of other African countries, the number who wore grey hairs, had wrinkled faces and looked old made it occur to us that we might just be losing many of our celebrated capitalists sooner than we can replace them
After we convinced ourselves of the importance of exposing the possibility of Africa losing some of its top business founders sooner than we could expect, we spoke with Dr. Victor Ukpabi  the ex-director of research and evaluation at the North Carolina Central University school of education  and we started working on the Endangered Factor (a correlated function that compared individuals' age with the life expectancy in their respective countries).

This was in a view to come up with a uniform variable that will be used to determine how endangered a capitalist is regardless of divergent life expectancy figures of countries.

The report which has an Africa wide scope drew more than One hundred and Fifty (150) entrepreneurs who have founded a company listed on a stock exchange in Africa from Twenty (20) African countries out of which the “Men Amongst Men” who make up this report were drawn. However, the endangered list has only Eight (8) countries represented of the 20.

The report is of the opinion that going by Life Expectancy figures for African countries, the continent is at the risk of losing 50 of its leading entrepreneurs while another 5 could be lost in less than 10 years (60% of which is less than 5years) presenting a list of Fifty five (55) ‘Endangered Kings of Capitalism’

Get this report Now!                  PDF Size (829KB)
Price:    N5,000     $35      £20
Once payment has been confirmed, you will receive an email with this report attached.
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