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At the turn of the millennium, the Nigerian stock exchange which had been established in 1960 as the Lagos Stock Exchange started the journey through its most significant decade yet. In the period between 2001 and 2010, the NSE has witnessed two extreme eras; one of unprecedented growth marked by huge public interest, massive inflow of local and foreign capital plus highly encouraging gains for investors and then another era of steep decline, untamed aversion and an inexorable exodus of both local and foreign investors.

That the most ambitious capital raising endeavors, the most unprecedented shareholder swell and the biggest interest in the capital market was recorded in this period is not open to debate. However, the era that succeeded this unexampled span of gain is a most paining one for every facet of the Nigerian society with the slightest link to the capital market. A substantial part of the bad loan portfolio of many of Nigeria's banks was traced to the capital market. At the burst of this bubble, many families, companies, religious organizations and individuals slipped into financial distress. The capital market plummeted and ended such amazing period of securities bustle in shambolic abruptness.

As the Nigerian Stock exchange clocks 50, we take a retrospective look at the last decade and turn the search light of recognition on 20 of the men and women who helped shape it. This report is put together with a focus on the people who in the authors' candid view significantly influenced the evolution of the market in this period. They have by their trade, cause, position and sheer conviction effected well enough on the Nigerian capital market within this period.

This report is a showcase of these men and women for what they have contributed towards Nigeria's evolution of a virile and vibrant market that contributes positively to the development of enterprise and the creation of wealth for the investor. The list is made up of individual investors, media practitioners, regulators, operators, shareholder activists and has been so segmented. Some for their contributions as individuals, some for the impact of their profession and others by virtue of the position they hold in their corporations.

The profile of each of them and the effective role(s) they played or still play in furthering the interest of the market is noted. This report is a profile report; we hope in the days ahead to go one on one with each of these men and women to bring you their view, convictions and why they do what they do.

This list has been compiled exclusively by the authors taking into account their retrospective view of the Nigerian capital market over the last decade.

Download Free!                  PDF Size (535KB)

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