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africa's most revered personalities
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The years between the second half of the 20th century saw many African countries agitate for and receive national independence from the colonialist who governed their (African) states owing largely to the censure of die hard pan Africanists of the time. Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Liberia, Morocco, Ghana, Guinea and Nigeria were among a host of tens of other African countries who were handed their sovereignty by various European and American colonizers during this time.


Independence was however not served on a platter. African citizens who had gained prominence and had become convinced of the necessity for their countries to become self governing, protested their continued enslavement through writings, international and local conferences, affronts, civil disturbances and arms struggle. While some got their independence without lifting a sword or shooting a bullet, others were facilitated by events like the Suez crisis in Egypt, the UPC rebellion in Cameroun, the Hut Tax War in Sierra Leone and the Malagasy Uprising in Madagascar.


In either case, independence and the fight for self governance made heroes of some Africans. Some not only in their home countries but have been presented as continental heroes by their generation and are revered by the going generation. Beyond heroes of independence however, there are other Africans also who have contributed notably to the advancement of their countries equally held in veneration. Statues, currency notes, monuments, roads, airports, stadia, schools etc bearing their names and motifs testify to this truth that these people are most revered in Africa.


Using the presence on the face of a national currency as benchmark, ICR researchers mined data of people who have gained unalloyed respect and perpetual recognition across African states.


This obviously pan African report identified Sixty-five (65) persons of African nationality and using set criteria drew a list of the Fifty (50) most revered of this number. The report covered 54 countries in Africa that had a national currency. Twenty one (21) countries were represented in the Sixty-five while the final list of Fifty (50) had Nineteen (19) countries represented.

Download Free!                  PDF Size (235KB)

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