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commerce on the coast
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Background: Aquatic Magnetism
Over the last three decades, tourism inflow into Africa has been on a path of geometric increase, earning big for the governments and businesses in the destination states. Algeria, Kenya, Tunisia and Egypt are some of the countries that have greatly gleaned from this bounty of tourism income that is flowing inexorably into the African continent. Across the continent, amazing sites exist blessed with stunning natural architecture that beckons tourists from all over the world especially Europe to the grandeur of North Africa's coastal cities, the ancient monuments of Egypt, the wildlife parks of Kenya, Tunisia's ancient ruins of Carthage, the hills, the rocks, natural springs, rain forests, desert dunes and beautiful waterfalls that dot the African landscape impressing even the most exacting of tourists.

Annually, tens of millions of people leave the borders of Europe and America on tourist trips to Africa. A huge number of these charting a course to the coastal cities, resort towns and villages of North Africa where some of the world's most developed and beautiful Riviera is found. The shorelines of the Red Sea, Nile River, Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic have been developed into splendid attractions that form a sumptuous display of natural beauty.

In 2007, Egypt which has a huge aquatic tourism industry, welcomed 9.99million tourist visitors while about 1.5 million visitors earned Morocco $7.5 billion in the same year. Vast amount of investments, billions of dollars in private and public capital has gone into continuously developing tourist sites particularly coastal sites to attract more people annually. Morocco's 'Plan Azur' which seeks to increase tourist visits to 10 million by 2010 is consuming billions of the government's dollars  to develop five new tourist resorts on the Mediterranean coast and one on the Atlantic coast.

The Red Sea Riviera, the Mediterranean Riviera, the shores of the Nile Valley and the Atlantic Ocean have consumed the most investments in coastal tourist development in North Africa. The mass of these where used in developing tourist villages, towns, cities, resorts and hotels. Globally renowned hospitality companies, hotel developers, real estate developers, leisure and travel consultants have invested in building hotels and resorts, water parks, casinos, bars, restaurants, marinas, residential villas, schools, hospitals, golf courses etc along these shorelines that today exudes fascinating beauty. These coasts today are the dock of ceaseless entrepreneurial exploits, un-stifled architectural creativity and home to high scale commerce.

The numbers of developments that have been built along these coasts are voluble and the expanse of land covered is extremely huge, cloaked by grandeur and earning billions annually. However, certain of these commercial developments are not only outstanding, they pull the biggest in capital investments to these areas and contribute largely to the advancement of commerce on these coasts. They are the most expansive and the most ambitious developments along the North African coasts.

Seven of these master developments have been profiled in this report that seeks to expound on how entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial ambition can turn societies and economies around abruptly for the better.

Though this report is not entirely about the entrepreneurs driving commerce forward on these coasts or even about their ambitiousness, it is worthy that we note that an intrinsic part of what this report aims to achieve is the brewing of ambitiousness as an innate part of entrepreneurs. Ambition because without this entrepreneurial attribute, the volume of commerce being generated, plus the strength and size of the economy that has emerged from these coasts would have only existed in fantasy.

6 of them are located on the Red Sea Riviera while one overlooks the Nile River all in the transcontinental country of Egypt.

Get this report Now!                  PDF Size (566KB)
Price:    N5,000     $35      £20
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