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Available RI Reports

- Africa's Most Revered Personalities
- 20 Masters of Custom Street
- History of Banking in Nigeria (1892-2010)
- Africa's Endangered Kings of Capitalism
- Africa's Most Influential Monarchs
- 117 years of Banking in Nigeria
- Dead but not Forgotten
- Commerce on the  Coasts
- Nigerian Banks Website Assessment report

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International Corporate Research

Africa's most revered personalities
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Read the background to this report - Heroes of Africa

Also in this Report:

- Selecting Africa's Most Revered Personalities
- The list of the 50 Most Revered Personalities in Africa



On the 9th of November 2010 ICR released this report Africa's Most Revered Personalities, a report which presented the 50 men considered to be the most revered and respected Africans.


The quest and ultimate fight for independence by African states from colonialist rule and oppression certainly made heroes of some Africans. Some not only in their home countries but have been presented as continental heroes by their generation and are revered by the going generation.


Beyond heroes of independence however, there are other Africans also who have contributed notably to the advancement of their countries equally held in veneration. Statues, currency notes, monuments, roads, airports, stadia, schools etc bearing their names and motifs testify to this truth that these people are most revered in Africa.

Using the presence on the face of a national currency as benchmark, ICR researchers mined data of people who have gained unalloyed respect and perpetual recognition across African states and presents a list of the 50 Most Revered Men on the African continent.


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