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International Corporate Research


This paper presents an empirical research into the relevance of Basel Accords in International financial
regulation. It adopts the two concepts of “Legitimacy” and “Efficiency” as parameters to justify the
continued relevance of Basel Accords on the global financial landscape.

Viewing from America to Asia, from Middle East to North Africa, from West Africa to Europe, this paper presents the impacts of Basel Accords as remarkably undeniable. The piece eventually climaxes on the succinct exposition on Basel III (which is the latest Basel Accord) revealing its potentials and possible impacts on the global financial system.

Towards the end, the paper however drops a bombshell when it notes that Basel Accords cannot in
themselves constitute a panacea to the global financial crisis. It therefore calls on all stakeholders to
complement the efforts of the Basel Committee by playing their respective roles in safeguarding the global
financial system. Basel Accords and International Financial Regulation: The Journey So Far ultimately
presents itself as a 3D paper on international financial regulation.

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