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International Corporate Research

ICR is a pan African research firm dedicated to providing Research, Assessment and Evaluation services to corporations, multilateral institutions, government agencies, education & academic institutions, foundations and Not for Profit establishments.

Based on this resolve, ICR has five directorates catering for each of our five specific services:

- Corporate Research/Market Intelligence: ICR carries out corporate research for organizations seeking specific information about their corporate environment, other corporations or the industry in which they operate.

- Evaluation and Assessment: Using professionally developed models and evaluation frameworks, ICR can help your organization measure its effectiveness in all areas of its corporate endeavor. Assessments play a key role in making sure that you are meeting your desired goals. Download our needs assessment proposal
- Benchmarking & Price Survey : We conduct industry benchmarking for corporations who want to know how they stand against other sector players. We also carryout price survey for procurement departments seeking the best bargain on products or for guidance in selecting suppliers for a bid. We help you ensure that you do not pay more for less or pay less for nothing.

 - Model Design: If you need to do an independent evaluation or assess any project, ICR can help you design models and frameworks that is sure to give you a result that is dependable and trustworthy.

- Data Analysis: For already conducted research and collected data, we help you analyze them as it suits your purpose using diverse data analysis options.

  stakes needs assessment proposal
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International Corporate Research

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