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International Corporate Research

International Corporate Research reports are authored by professional research analysts.

Sanyaolu Kehinde
Sanyaolu Kehinde is the Chief Research Analyst and co-founder of Stakes Capital Ltd and its research subsidiary International Corporate Research, Sanyaolu Kehinde is a business and investment aficionado with an enviable research knack. He is a self trained expert in the rudiments of investing and the fundamentals of equity investing.

A research analyst of repute, Kenny has a natural talent for research and training and has provided solutions to clients of all classes in these areas.

He is the author of numerous published articles and research reports which cut across diverse sectors and countries on the African continent.
He is driven by a purpose to ensure the promotion of knowledge in all fields of endeavor. He has a firm belief that a revolution can only come to a nation if and only if there is a people revolution (a change in the mental state of its people). He desires to see a new generation emerge that pursues purpose with undaunted zeal and strength necessary to produce results.

Sanyaolu Taiwo
Taiwo Sanyaolu is a naturally endowed teacher, speaker and research analyst who majors on; evaluation, optimizing corporate potential, strategy and model design. A passionate researcher, Taiwo has spent years researching and developing winning strategies in marketing, communication, selling, personal finance management, equity investment, entrepreneurship and personal success strategies. He has consequently become well vast in these subject matters

A lead facilitator at Stakes Capital ltd, his primary motivation is knowledge promotion, value creation, financial liberation, quality service delivery and standards.
He is also a very compassionate business man who believes that wealth should be used to pursue just courses. He has an obsession for a clean environment and received the maiden award of the Centre for Values in Leadership club member of the month for his contributions towards cleaning up of dirty communities in Lagos, Nigeria.

International Corporate Research

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