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Available DSR Reports

- How to avoid Chinese online scam
- The Nigerian Anthem: Our ebbing heritage

- Nigerian Banks Website Assessment report

All reports are in PDF Format except where stated otherwise. Ensure you have a PDF viewer installed on your PC to be able to view the reports.


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International Corporate Research
The Diary of Social Research is a research dedicated publication of the International Corporate Research with a special focus on social research. Through this diary, we hope to improve and expand public knowledge throughresearch into social issues, trends and lifestyle. The knowledge that will be created through this medium is expected to help individuals and the society make better informed choices as regards their daily life decisions.  

 Most Recent Report
        Chinese scam report
This revealing report lets you into the the daily expanding deliberate attempt by Chinese fraudsters employing the internet as a primary medium to defraud the world. It takes a bold step to expose the villainous tactics adopted by these Chinese online scammers and how you can guard yourself from their nefarious antics. Find out more and get your copy of this report

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