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Available DSR Reports

- How to avoid Chinese Online Scam
- The Nigerian Anthem: Our ebbing heritage

- Nigerian Banks Website Assessment report

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chinese scam report
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Read the Introduction to this report - Chinese: the new kingpins of online scam

Also in this Report:

- China in Fraud and Phishing
- Chinese online scam and their Mode of operation
- 15 ways to recignize Chinese scam
- Have you been scammed? Reporting Chinese scam
- Protecting yourself online
- 200 fraudulent Chinese websites

Brilliant intervention - Olufemi Awoyemi

Brief: How to avoid Chinese Online Scam Report

This research report titled ‘How to Avoid Chinese Online Scam’ has been necessitated by the daily expanding deliberate attempt by Chinese fraudsters employing the internet as a primary medium to defraud the world. The report is the second issue of the ICR Diary of Social Research. The report takes a bold step to expose the villainous tactics adopted by these Chinese online scammers and how you can guard yourself from their nefarious antics.

After discovering the paining testimonies of some victims of these frauds, ICR researchers initiated a deep research work to unravel every trick used by them and the easiest way to avoid being defrauded.

The report presents a detailed modus operandi of chinese online scam and highlights 15 ways by which you can recognise these scammers and the fraudulent websites with which they carry out their perpetrations.

You will learn tips on how to protect yourself online and it also comes with a list of 200 websites that are currently confirmed as fraudulent and should therefore be avoided.

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